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Cloudphone welcome the opportunity to discuss your contact centre requirement we offer solutions from Emetrotel as an addon to our hosted solution or as a standalone plug in to any legacy PABX. This can be delivered as a on premise or Cloud SaaS solution Talk to us today

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Management in real-time.

Wallboard offers an abundance of live activity information for all of your queues.

View single queues or multiple queues and take action when necessary with the most up-to-date information possible

What our Centre Offers:
1. On-Premise or Cloud.

Utilise whichever platform is best for you and your business needs.

2. Historical & Real-time Reporting.

Manage your service levels with real-time wallboard and scheduled historical reports.

3. Integration.

Simplify operations with full integraton of everyone and every tool on one platform.

4. Recording.

Archive critical conversations with flexible recording and external storage options.

5. Cost

Save with low cost permanent licensing.

6. Unlimited Queues.

Never worry about scalability. Utilize as few or many queues as you need.

Call Center Integration:

Deploy in any environment

Many people think of Call Centers as a single office solution with eveyone together trying to meet KPI stats. But E-MetroTel Call Center is actually a tool that can be used in any deployment environment to enhance a company’s overall customer experience.

And like most UCX capabilities, Call Center is the same regardless of where or how it is depoloyed. And everything is integrated without the need for multiple boxes.

Call Recording

Flexible call recording. Supports Inbound Recording, Queue Recoding, Agent Recording – Inbound and Outbound (Internal and External), On-demand Recording.

Recordings can be used for quality monitoring, agent training, record keeping, and can be stored on customer NAS.

Cost and Value

Some of the lowest Call Center pricing in the industry. We have been told by customers and resellers that we are providing fully featured Call Centers at around a quarter of the cost compared to other major competitors.

Our low price and high value is due to lower cost permanent licensing, single platform structure for agents and regular employees, and application consolidation.

Supervisor Features.
Call Center supervisors can be located anywhere, and have access to numerous tools for supervising and managing their call centers and queues including real-time reporting via Wallboard, historical reports, listen/whisper capabilities, agent monitoring, and much more.

Call recording.

Monitor quality. agent training, record keeping/dispute.

Remote agent management.

Logout absent agents.
Supervision via BLF, Presence, Wallboard.
Support through: Listen/Whisper, InfinityOne Message/Screenshare

Manage customer engagement.

Real-time & Historical queue stats.
Infinity Video Conference for training.
Agent Features
Call Center Agents can work from anywhere, use numerous devices for communication, they are supported by shift worker capabilities, call recording capabilities, and real-time queue information via Wallboard

Agent Availability.

Shift-worker support.
Wrap-time before next call.

Queue Info.

Display CallerID with Queue name.
Wallboard and queue reports for everybody.

Agent Controls.

Pause Recording for regulatory compliance.
Single key login for multiple queues.
Ready / Not Ready key (for all queues).

Overall, good project management improves efficiency, reduces risks, enhances communication, and increases the likelihood of achieving project goals, ultimately benefiting the business.

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