ISDN to SIP Migration

Migrating to SIP Does not require those expensive changes recommended by others.

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Extend Mobile Coverage

Cloudphone are a supplier of Stella Doradus Mobility Equipment a globally renowned manufacture of approved repeaters that instantly improve mobile phone coverage for both calls and data across 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G. The repeaters are wideband and multi-operator, giving instant improvement to call

We undertake a survey for a minimum charge which can be then offset against any solutions purchased across our product range.

Following our survey, we will identify site specific requirements from onsite survey or from reviewing plans provided by you.

Our solution is professionally installed and managed by our skilled technicians.

Healthcare facilities encompass many different types of buildings, including Hospitals, Primary Care Units, Rehabilitations Centres and Private Clinics. All of the people in these facilities require excellent voice and data signal in order to carry out their duties. Mobile signal is not only required for making phone calls and browsing the internet in these facilities, it is also required for devices such as eParking machines, mobile VISA terminals, and applications such as  google Pay apps and QR code scanning apps. These modern convenient apps are essential for enhancing patient and staff experience and also improves the overall efficiency of the facility.

How to improve the mobile signal

Choose a system that is a scalable solution for large sprawling campuses

Hotels Schools and Public Buildings are typically large, sprawling buildings, where different levels of mobile coverage may be required, from meeting and conference rooms industrial areas for remote device management.

Cloudphone offer a solution to enable target extended mobile coverage to specific areas or at a campus wide level.

Our Solution covers the spectrum of frequencies, supporting 3g – to 5g,Cloudphone offer a  DAS system which is a scalable mobile solution that can cover any sized building, adapting to suit the requirements of the site.

We Ensure the system supports all operators and unlimited numbers of people

All staff or visitors may require mobile signal to communicate with other staff, customers or key alarm management equipment monitoring vital equipment. Stella repeaters support an unlimited number of users, allowing them access to 5G, 4G, 3G voice and data with all operators.

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